Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My 2011 commitment

Here it is...my 2011 commitment. A few weeks ago my husband was reading the paper and came across an article that he thought would interest me. It was an idea to take a photo a day to both document your life and to help you become a better photographer.  It grabbed my interest and I kept thinking about it....

A month or so after our son was born I decided to take the plunge I have always wanted to take, and purchase my first DSLR camera. Knowing NOTHING about how to actually take a photo (other than on "auto" mode), I knew I would have alot to learn. I enrolled in a couple of classes and picked up a book (which, I admit, I am only on page 3 or 4 of - but I WILL read over the coming weeks). I can now use the basic functions of it and have taken lots of pictures of our little man, but I want to get better and more consistent.

So I am doing it, I am committing to taking a photo a day and sharing them (and probably details on our daily adventures) on this blog (this is also my first attempt at a blog so bear with me!). Please follow along and let me know what you think. Knowing others are "watching" will keep me on top of this (especially when I return to work after my Mat leave is over!).

I am excited and looking forward to sharing the coming year with you! Check back January 1st for my first post!