Monday, September 19, 2011

April 2011 - Part 2

Drew and Daddy enjoying an afternoon at the park.

My sister and baby Liam - just a few hours old - so cuddly!

More park time with Daddy!

Baby Liam
Picnic time in the backyard!

Testing out his bookbag the night before daycare started - he was quite excited!! (even though Mommy was a complete mess!!)

April 2011 - Part 1

Drew, Daddy and Mommy celebrating his First Birthday!!!

Drew was VERY excited about his Monkey cake!! Thanks Nana!

CAKE SMASH!! He completely enjoyed smashing the cake to bits.....eating it however...not so much! He doesn't have a sweet tooth like his mama!!

The  boys!! Drew with his cousins Holden, Tyler and Keegan!
 Me and my birthday boy!

Drew LOVES Grampi (my grandfather - his great grandfather!) - ever since he could recognize faces he would smile at him and now whenever Grampi is around he only wants Grampi!

Learning how to use his new slide!!

The Birthday Boy out for lunch on his birthday - just chillin :-)

And I just HAD to post a sample from Drew's official cake smash photo shoot with our photographer - Jen Anderson. They turned out SO good!!

I'm back!! the title says .... "I'm back"!! Things have been SUPER busy with being back to work, trying to suck up every minute we can with Drew when we aren't at work, and enjoying the summer (even though it hasn't  been the greatest weather-wise).

I'm going to "catch up" - if I can even call it that - by posting a few of my favorite pics from each month since I've been on hiatus!!

Enjoy :-)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 31

This pic was just taken with my cell camera - but it was too cute not to include. Drew and Grampi were hanging out on the deck at their place and Nan made Drew wear her bucket hat :)

March 30

We spent most of the day at Nan and Grampi's and Drew LOVED playing in the Bus Ball Pit!

March 29

FINALLY!! We were able to get the "race car" shopping cart and Drew TOTALLY loved grocery shopping in it - he was steering down all of the isles!