Saturday, January 1, 2011

First....a look back at 2010

Before I post my first 2011 photo - I wanted to have a look back at 2010 (thanks for the idea Trudy!). Here are some of our memorable moments of 2010 - what a fantastic year!

January - 26 weeks pregnant

 February - having fun getting our pro maternity pics taken

 March - 37 weeks pregnant

April - Drew Nicholas Kogon

 May - first pro pics with Drew

 June - Nick's first Father's Day

 July - Drew's first road trip (to North Conway)


August - Drew's first cereal
September - Celebrating my cousin Jean's wedding

 October - My little monkey


November - Family pics

December - Our little Santa
That was fun - I loved going through all of last years photos! 2010 was an amazing year - here's to a happy and healthy 2011!



  1. Hey Jenn! I added your link to a list so it's clickable. Love your photos especially the February one...I don't miss my preggo belly but you sure looked amazing at your photo shoot.

  2. Thanks Trudy! I REALLY miss my preggo belly (but not enough to do it again anytime soon!!)! You looked beautiful pregnant!